Thursday, October 20, 2011


1st Race(8)Last tango(6)Musical rapsody(3) Free For All

2nd Race (1) Lake Leader(3) Wild Imagination(7)Winchester

3rd Race(2) Steely Dan(1) Eye Of The Storm(5)Chingari

4th Race
(5) Follow The Dream(6)Highway express(7) Springbank

5th Race(6) Bullet (9) Ocean Wish(4) Cape Ferrat

6th Race
(8) Dovers Hill(3) Star Vision(2) Dictator

7th Race(1) Macchupicchu(2) Ocean And Beyond (6)Cielo ray

8th Race(2) Dancing Glances(6) Botswana(1) Lake Superior

9th Race
(8) Etesian (7) Victoire(12)Star blessings

10th Race
(12) Super Hero(11)Sterling Silver(13)Zorba

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