Wednesday, November 16, 2011


1 race (1)Sound Of River(2)Red Sensation

2 race (4)Adventurer(1)Bonny Light(2)Victor Ivanov

3 race
(6)Blau Himmel(3)Arabian Eagle(8)Auraria

4 race
(3)King Julien(5)Expelliarmus

5 race (3)Hammerhead(1)Moment To Remember(5)Walking Tall

6 race
(5)St Catz(6)Botswana

7 race (7)Star Of Killarney(3)Snow Blaze(4)Orito

8 race (2)Pronto Star(9)Laurus Pride(1)Eye Of The Storm

Day's best:(4-3)King Julien
Double :
(3-6)Blau Himmel (6-5)St Catz
Upset of the day:
(7)Star Of Killarney


  1. What Happened sir.No postings.Hope all is well.

    Missing your selections


  2. Hi, Mr Rao,
    What is happening over there ?
    Missing u !

  3. Mr.Swamy babu & Mr.Nair

    I am suffering from back ache due to gallbladder stones. Soon I have to undergo a surgery for the same. Doctor advised me not to sit in front of PC more time. Hope I will be back after 15th of December 2011. Anyway thanks for the interest showing on me.

  4. Constant sitting before the computer, I am also stressing out, feeling back ache. 8 hours on office, in the morning and after office hours till midnight once again for the race goers, I wanted to curtail small centers. Any way, let me see how long I can continue.

    Pray for a speedy recovery and come back. Your selections are too good to miss.

  5. Hi Mr. Rao,
    I am big fan of you.Although being vvery far in Scotland I follow you. I watch your tips when ever I am free. I have seen a lot of +ve tips. GET WELL SOON ..............CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!


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