Monday, November 7, 2011


1 race (6)Shades Of Scarlet(2)Angad(8)Amazing Performer
2 race (4)Scarlette(5)Hard To Pin Down(6)Magnitude Star
3 race (2)Red Hot(5)Sandhurst(8)Powergrid
4 race (2)Missoni(7)Lovely Kiss(4)Still Will
5 race (2)Lad Star(4)Argentum(6)Gun Salute
6 race (1)Current Ray(2)Preordained(6)Dancing Emeralds
7 race (6)Sunstorm(4)Simply Phenomenal(3)Mystic Dawn
8 race (1)Cafe Del Monte(2)Hillstone(7)Delta Delight

Day's best:
(8-1)Cafe Del Monte

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