Friday, December 16, 2011


Tommorow's Card looks to be very tough to pick a clear cut winner, however my choices are as follows

1 race: (7)Power grid(3)Royal music(5)Clara

2 race: (6)Cocktail circuit(2)Dominator(5)Aubern Beauty

3 race: (3)Magic Wave(4)Fire star(8)Rosie's dream

4 race: (5)Saganki(2)Hillrising(3)Formidable

5 race: (2)Blue origin(8)Voodoo moon(3)Hamsafar

6 race: (4)Missoni(8)Valahak(10)Florida
7 race: (2)Sudden magic(4)Zultanite(11)Rappadan Glory

8 race: (2)Win again(8)Romance In The Air(7)Foswell

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