Saturday, May 26, 2012


1 race: (6)Wing Commander(1)Fantastic Star(2)Laurel Canyon

2 race: (1)Silver Birch(3)Hamsafar(5)Smart Star

3 race: (6)Vega(2)Cool Hand(4)Shourya

4 race:  (9)Thejaguar(5)Biutiful(10)Emphatic Victory

5 race:  (5)Crown Empress(3)Toroloco(4)Ridgeway

6 race:  (11)Vijays Pride(7)Decorated(4)Silverina

7 race:  (7)Tintinnabulation(4)Ocean Side(10)Rich Celebration

8 race: (3)Caraway(8)Salcombe(5)Inspirator

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