Saturday, May 26, 2012


1 race:(2)Courage In Red(4)Green Bay(10)Super Excited

2 race:(1)Top secret(8)Starista(5)Mi amor

3 race:(4)Macedonian(6)Sam's Pride(2)Alcazaar

4 race:(6)Chase The Sun(3)Defining Moment (5)Allendale

5 race:()2)Winning Tactics(6)Elegant Approach(3)Any Given Time

6 race:(4)Machiavellianism(7)Gold Glamour(8)Nickel Chrome

7 race:(3)Mr Glorious(6)Right On Time(7)Abarth

8 race:(3)Preordained(5)Affirmative(8).Anacostia

9 race:.(1)Savvy Concept(3)Diamond Flame(4)Rusty

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